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I want to Start, what should I do? Enter amount to double, provide your correct wallet to receive payout. Deposit to coinpayments generated deposit address. After 5 confirmations it will be listed and entitled for doubling in 240 hours.

Can I make multiple deposits to the same provided address? Yes, you can. Each deposit will be listed as separate transaction and will recieve payout in separate transaction too.

How long it takes to receive payouts? Automatic payouts in 240 hours.

Where do i receive my returns? Total earning will be accumulated and all sent to your payout address in 10 days.

Who can join? Anyone who own wallet for the offered cryptocurrencies can join.

How do I withdraw my payouts? You don’t have to do anything to withdraw your profit, when the investment plan end you will receive your withdrawal automatically.

How much can I earn on the partnership program? You will earn 10% every time your referral gets upgrade.